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Got mine delivered the other day, finally got round to removing my 1260 and fitting this - although my board was recapped a few years ago I have never had an ACA board before and so have no idea if I need timing fixes.
I have kickstart 3.1 and had no issues. board just worked with base specifications. ran a few utilities etc. How would any timing fix requirement show up?

Only odd thing is that previously my IDE speed on Sysinfo was 1.8, and I am sure I read somewhere that actually the 1260 creates a bottleneck on the standard A1200 ide, which is why I never even got great speeds with an IDEfix express, but using just this board with the same CF card it dropped to 1.3.
Everything felt fine in practice. in fact, am wondering if I really need the 1260 for what I use the miggy for.

Pleased with what I got for the money I paid.
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