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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
So, where can one buy a 3 button joystick that would be planning for the future?

I don't know that I've seen many (any until that pic above) 3 button sticks.
(Other than for other systems (Genesis) or CD32 pads..)

Much wise question indeed. It is easy to point out problems but it is always better to point out solutions.

For digital joysticks I would actually recommend the six button MegaDrive/Genesis arcade stick mentioned previously or any compatible pad. With the addition of a converter to invert pin 5 and 7, thus providing voltage to the controller and safeguarding the Amiga CIA.
The Amiga is perfectly capable of reading all 8 buttons of the MD controllers (6 + start + mode) as well as detecting them properly since it can use its pin 5 for input or output at will and thus implement the required protocol.
So any new game could support it out of the "box".

I do not know if WHDLoad implements the protocol but if it did that would also allow to play some old games entirely with the joystick instead of relying on keyboard keys for extra functions.

Now, someone needs to find a cheap way to manufacture a nice looking version (no naked PCBs pleaaaase or horrible thermoplastic covers, I'm tired of seeing these on eBay) of the adapter with clear markings so it does not get mistaken for a prolongating cable.
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