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Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
Yep or made it compilable on Android/iOS etc, massive market there.
There is unfortunately no market there because Amiga programs expect a mouse, keyboard and/or joystick and there is just no convenient way to reproduce a similar interface with a touch screen.

Phones and tablets are not just computers, they are computers with a voluntarily restrained input method. This allows them to be much more portable and practical than desktop PCs will ever be for *some* tasks but this also means that all programs which require non touchscreen interaction are forever out of their reach.

Computing capacity is not everything, input methods are what matters and emulating a computer via a touchscreen just cannot be practical. It's like driving a bike with a steering wheel: the driving power is the same but this input method will only lead you to the cemetery.

"It can be done" is very different from "it is fun to use". What matters is the user experience and an Amiga driven via a touchscreen with zero software written for it is just not fun at all.
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