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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
A request for those who have installed "Janus 2.1" Amiga Operating Systems based OS 2.x or OS 3.x. I have installed "Janus 2.1" without any problem su OS 1.3, while I still have some problems on systems 2.x and 3.x. If anyone has one of these os Amiga (2.x e 3.x) where AMOUSE MSDOS installed, I would like to examine the Startup-Sequence and the User-Startup to compare them with mine, thanks.
I think I've discovered the secret, apparently the problem was compatibility Filesystem, I tried to move the contents of OS3.1 which was installed on partition FFS (DOS1) on another hardfile formatted OFS (DOS0), start MS-DOS, AMOUSE was installed without problems. Probably during the installation of "Janus 2.1" He had to specify the Filesystem, but I remember that I did, I will try to redo the installation for verification.
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