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Thanks for that Michael. I set everything as you suggested. My 5:4 LCD's native is 1280 x 1024. I can live without SuperHires, as long as every pixel is equal in shape. For the majority of games, this works great! However, the starfields in Project X above the score & lives information, and below the weapon names, gets chopped off, which can affect gameplay to a small extent as the enemies sometimes appear there first. Disabling vertical centering shifts the picture up 1 or 2 pixels to make the weapons info fully visible, but the starfield (top and bottom) is still offscreen. If you set the H and V selectors to 1.5x, which results in a smaller picture with a black border and uneven pixels, you can easily see how much was previously missing, even at the sides. There may be other games that use overscan, but this is always the first one I think of. I tried adjusting the size with the sliders, but this only caused the pixels to become uneven.

Just tried Superfrog and found there were 2.5 rows of pixels lost off the top and bottom, and 7 columns of pixels lost left and right. Not a show-stopper, as the game is still perfectly playable and no text is lost.

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