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Tales of gorluth 2 if the 200 necessary pre-orders can be fulfilled, it's well over one hundred now? Well that's some kind of indication of possible sales.
That said, the genre and the fact that it will be a somewhat limited backbone games may put some people off, myself for example.

If I had cash I would support this game but right now cash is tight.

I'd gladly pay 100 euros for a special edition Amiga game. Hmm... this may be the angle, hard to say. A top quality game, lovely big box psygnosis style, t-shirt, soundtrack on a separate cd.
Limited quantities, start with 100 and add more dependent on pre-orders.

Can we do a survey and get it on as many Amiga sites as possible? And some carefully targeted, retro, but not necessarily Amiga retro sites. Perhaps somewhere we could get the word out about a potential game, to perhaps lapsed Amigan's or emulation c64 enthusiasts etc.
A survey couldn't hurt right? It might satiate out curiosity.

Whether some of us would actually make such a game, well that's another question.
I'd certainly support such an endeavor in every way that I could, but hey that's another matter.
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