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I'm not sure that kickstarter is a great well to draw water from - i'm a BIG amiga fan and I'm not backing it simply because there isnt a price point for me. I'm not saying the prices are unfair but for a lot of people 80 euros is a lot for just a shell (twice what i paid for my a1200 and my a1200 came brilliant white! but that was a steal i'll accept :P), 150 if you want a different colour and 200 if you want some really nice colours (i do want the ghost shell, I just cant afford it!)

I like the update about keycaps thou - i'm sort of hoping some midrange backer options come in that give you more than a pack of screws that allow you to just get the keycaps and not the full shell - could do some amazing customisations

anyway, tangent! point is that market is very different to games. It takes a certain level of fandom to fork out high prices just for aesthetic reasons As an aside it doesnt negate the idea either - just saying it doesn't prove it.
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