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Originally Posted by Sephnroth View Post
What about marketing to emulator users as well? Like with a specific strategy to grab em. I bet there are only a few hundred of us with Amiga hardware but I also bet you could dramatically increase that number if you pulled in all the Amiga forever users and win uae gamers
Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
Yep or made it compilable on Android/iOS etc, massive market there.
My support libraries for tile mapping and sprite-based "sidebar screens" could fairly easily use OpenGL for graphics card support on operating systems that don't use the Amiga chipsets. Once I got that working, it will be a small matter to get that working on OpenGL-ES for the handhelds (assuming I do it right in the first place...) or even do the OpenGL-ES version first since I can test it on my RasPi2.
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