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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
and support sales a minimum 4 to 5,000 copies 10 euros each
This is where the problem lies, the same one the A1200 case guys are facing. There are not thousands of active Amiga users queuing up for new products. There just aren't. A few hundred maybe, and many of those are passionate enough to pay a lot more than 10 euros, but people need to be realistic, it's not 1994.

Yes there are 10,000+ people in the Amiga Facebook groups, but the vast majority of those are casual and probably haven't owned an Amiga for decades. No commercial game would sell more than a couple of hundred copies, I am certain of that.

In fact we have some pretty reliable recent sales data to go on - the failed A1200 case kickstarter generated 77,000 euros from 454 backers, an average of 170 euros each. So as I said above, there are Amiga enthusiasts willing to spend money, but there are not that many of them. The average spend of their new kickstarter has increased to 182 euros, but it's still nowhere near enough to reach the goal as the extra people they are hoping to reach do not exist.

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