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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
looking at the requirements of softwares sold for these machines one gets a pretty good idea of what to support: 1MB chip for the A500 and likely stock for the A1200
I can only agree. This is the common reference platform all indie developments should be based upon. Nothing else makes sense.
Working with limited hardware also has the advantage that game projects won't become too huge, and never finished.

Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Here's what is needed: ONE really shining example of what is possible, and a lot of good developer documentation and open source code for people to study.
True. I admit that Solid Gold doesn't qualify as a shining example, but at least I tried to publish everything, with exactly this intention.

Originally Posted by Sephnroth View Post
Is 68k asm still really important for dev? In the pc/console market the compilers are so good its extremely unlikely that you can write better asm than the compiler can generate.
Yes, depending on the type of game, it is important. Fast action games absolutely need a fine tuned screen update routine in assembler, which distributes the work load between the CPU and the coprocessors.
Good assembler coders can always write better code than a compiler (especially on the M68k), provided they put sufficient time into a routine.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
but for now all i am working on is "structured ASM", basically asm with a lot of syntactic sugar, that compiles down to plain ASM that you can then assemble with Devpac.
Sounds interesting. Will you do it with macros or write a real compiler/translation unit?

Originally Posted by Sephnroth View Post
What sort of games do Amiga owners want to play? Each platforms user base tends to have a primary genre that works and some which just don't. What does our scene WANT?
I'm not sure what it wants, but Indie developments for the classic Amiga only make sense when we use its outstanding features, which made it strong: Copper, Blitter & Co. Trying to do 3D games is nonsense. It is neither fun to code nor would anybody want to play that on an Amiga.
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