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a decent "game creator" might result in a lot of cool stuff, although all creators are limited in various ways, i did plan on basically making an editor suite that works on the Mr Beanbag engine (beanbag creator) and expand on that, and also release the engine as a library and API, or maybe source code...

the idea of a games library/API for Amiga has also been mooted elsewhere. i think we could do a layered approach so that the "game creator" uses an engine that is also programmable directly, so there's a path of transition that people can follow if they wish, maybe even open-source the engine so people can tailor it to their needs if they feel brave.

but for now all i am working on is "structured ASM", basically asm with a lot of syntactic sugar, that compiles down to plain ASM that you can then assemble with Devpac.
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