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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
because everyone just started trying to port Doom instead of doing anything original that suited the Amiga's capabilities
For me, these were actually very exciting times, because they really started to push the Amiga beyond what it was supposed to be capable of.
(Still remember how cool it was that a couple of days (?) after AB3d2TKG came out, Aki Laukkanen released a much better c2p that really improved the framerate. At that point I thought c2p was witchcraft ;-) )
There was a time when Amiga did what no other computer could. That was no longer true in the mid-90s so unless you had a fantastic, original idea, there was no way you were going to dazzle anyone with a game for the Amiga even if was pushing the system.
Now that they are retro they are cool again, but in the late 90s you could barely give an A500 away. No one wanted them... they just felt old and pathetic at that moment in time... so coding for it was not very rewarding Id imagine. Trying to do a serious game was utterly pointless..
Now that it has reached retro-status, it should be more interesting again.. but sll the impossible stuff seems to be happening on even older and crappier hardware (c64, 8-bit atari, etc..)
Maybe, when the c64 us truly exploited to the last obscure bug in the hardware, the old 68k Amigas will get more attention again.

Meanwhile, Im still hoping that now that we are at the dawn of FPGA 68k computing, the renewed platform will attract some old 68k asm gurus to see what can be done. (Ooh look, is that the Quake 3 source code? ... )
Also, games like Tower 57 could probably run on 200MHz 060 FPGA ;-)
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