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Originally Posted by Bastich View Post
As much as I love my Amiga's I do not think it could ever move this amount of graphics around the screen.
As said by Mrs Beanbag, there would be no point in a 1:1 conversion, but there could be chances to create a Terraria-like (is that better?) experience in the Amiga.
Whoever, if anyone, would want to do this, would have to extract from Terraria what would be the essence of the game.
I don't even understand this game (I don't like these sandbox games like Minecraft), so I couldn't tell, but perhaps someone with both experience with it AND Amiga programming skills could do it.

Is a huge-ass boss and a million objects on-screen at once the core, the spirit of the game? I would think not. but again, I can't tell for sure.

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