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Originally Posted by duga View Post
desiv: I believe it's called AmiStore. Not much of Classic games there though.
Yup. I mentioned it in my post. From what I can gather this is an AEON initiative so there's no way in Hell that this is going to support old Amiga models or that it's going to be remotely practical.

The interest of the Amiga is the fact that it's retro. In my opinion an Amiga distribution platform can only work if it supports all models and kickstarts with a focus on "stock" machines. That's where the biggest installed base lies.

And newcomers likely will only be interested by the stock machines (with only the minimum "practical" extensions like HDD/CF, RAM and network) since they are the most historically and technically significant.
Post Commodore evolutions ahave a clear interest for existing Amiga owners willing to extend their machines's lives and features but they have no practical interest for newcomers who already have more powerful modern machines at their disposal.

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