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I wonder if some of it is the hardware market, which is still doing pretty good.
If you have $XX to spend on your hobby, and you can get a few games, or a new 128M RAM card, but not both...

Also, there is the quality issue...

Those Dreamcast games in general are amazing.. ;-)
There are fewer amazing Amiga releases.
I did go for Sqrxz3 myself, and I'm in for Tales of Gorluth.
But how many retail caliber games are released?

As for Sqrxz3, we also need to remember that it was available for free first. That probably put a dent in sales..

Also, there's the requirements issue. A Dreamcast game runs on a dreamcast..
An Amiga game might run on your Amiga, unless it requires a CD or an 030 or more RAM..

I do agree that it would be nice if there were some type of central "store" that people could use for these types of things..
It would make it easier to keep track of it..

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