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Originally Posted by Booner99 View Post
Will I need to add the maprom command too?
That will only have effect if you have licensed the 1MByte Maprom option. In that case, you can use:

acatune -maprom ** >NIL:

to create a copy of your Kick3.0 ROM in the fastmem of your card. As an alternative, you can load a Kick3.1 file from harddrive and enjoy the latest version without having to change ROMs. Only drawback is that this will cause the machine to re-boot on a cold start. Caution: If you haven't licensed MapROM, ACAtune will not be aware of it. This may cause an infinite re-boot loop if you don't own the MapROM license.

In any case, memory will automatically be taken care of - either through ACAtune, or the new version of Kickstart that you may have loaded.

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