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A market thrives if there are enough buyers and sellers.
*And* equally importantly if there is a very visible marketplace.

How many €$ are people willing to pay for a good Amiga game these days?
I paid 9€ for Sqrzx3 and much more for Tales Of Gorluth II (can't recall the exact number).

But both have "sold" less than 2 hundred units.
Either there are not enough buyers or the news did not reach them. Also they might have fled long ago seeing there were only very few good products on sale.
Possibly as well, they know but the lack of convenient store to buy from means they did not do it. I have read quite a few the threads where people complain about having to create an account.

It is clear to me that in order for an Amiga software market to thrive, both sellers and buyers must change their habits and adapt to modern distribution means. Fact is, the Amiga market competes with other modern ones, so it must adapt to modern realities. And I hate to say it but most Amiga vendors web sites look like they have been designed in th 90s.

Selling only to the old guard cannot work, and to reach new and young blood you need new and young tools. (And no, the AmiStore from AEON is not it.)
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