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Why or how did the Amiga Indie gaming scene die!

One supposes that game sales slowly dropped over time till they were negligible, but was this the case or did companies simply move on to new and more lucrative pastures.

I'm asking because the Sega Dreamcast still has a thriving commercial indie game scene after some 14 years.
Games sell in the region of 3- 5,000 copies I believe.
A figure quoted back in the day for amiga indie game sales was around 3 to 4,000. Chaos engine 2 sold 4,000 much to the bitmaps horror.

I get that the DC inspires a strong following, myself included. It was sega's last great machine and it did everything right and the games were awesome!!!

I guess the amiga survived till the turn of the millenium, considering commodore died in 94, though mainstream games were still incoming throughout 95 and 96.
Anyone got any interesting facts or stories from the Amiga indie scene?

Heck it springs to mind that someone should do an article about this period in the amigas history.
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