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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Then you have wrong hobby, anything Amiga these days is a hit and miss when it comes to buying hardware.

Personally I intend to do as little as possible with "classic" hardware, it's just too much frustration and nonsense. I have a few things I want to try, like hooking an A1200 memory/accboard to a CD32, and Plipbox to SX32... but I will concentrate on all new hardware from here, meaning FPGA systems and maybe Amiga Reloaded.
This is a software issue. I just bought a fastlaneZ3 card and expected issues. It worked flawless. I wouldnt go bananas if it wasnt. Tinkering with old hw is fun... I like my hobby very much...

On the other hand, RR is hw from 2014 not working with a stock a4000 because of a bug in the driver. Call me crazy, this setup was not cheap, so i would expect better support and openness.

Amiga reloaded is very appealing. And i cant wait to see what FPGA's can bring to the table. Dreaming of a big box version.
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