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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Wait, gamers wanting to DL something without the license (regardless of whether you think it's OK) are calling a company "pirates" and that's supposed to be a bad thing?
I don't download anything because, as I said, I have more than enough computers to have all the ROMs I need. Also, I buy games, a lot. So I am not saying "go out and copy everything for free", I am saying, and I was clear, "Cloanto is detrimental and/or offers nothing to the Amiga scene". The money they take does not go in any percentage to the people who made the Kickstart. They licensed this from Hyperion who in turn bought it off a dead corpse that was passed on by another company(ies) before them.

I guess for people like you buying a record off iTunes is a praiseworthy action. Personally, I buy on Bandcamp straight from the artist. I hope you understand the difference.
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