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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I would say Cloanto are the pirates, who have taken something that should be freely available and made it a "crime" to copy just for their own profit.
Wait, gamers wanting to DL something without the license (regardless of whether you think it's OK) are calling a company "pirates" and that's supposed to be a bad thing?
Also, "they" (Cloanto) didn't make it a crime.

Really, it's a bit like saying GoG (Good Old Games) is terrible for selling old games that you can just DL from the internet for free..

Yes, anyone with google can DL for free the games that some people pay for on GoG..

But that doesn't make GoG evil.
Some people use GoG.
Some people DL the games for free...
Not many people consider GoG evil...

Considering the number of people who have "started" with AF and then moved on to more serious emulation, I'd say they have been helpful to the scene..

It's not like because Cloanto is out there, no one can find the ROMs..
They are so incredibly easy to find it's laughable...

People don't need/use/like AF.. Fine.. Great..
Others do use/like them.. That's fine too...


It IS all good.. We, as a community, just have options... That's great!!
No one is forcing anyone to buy AF..

Have a great day...

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