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I bought the following products form Jens:
- ACA620
- ACA1230 28mhz
- ACA1230 56mhz
- ACA1231 42mhz
- ACA1232 33mhz
- Indy ECS
- Indy AGA MK2
- Rapidroad USB (clockport)
- A604

and other small things like micromys v4, clockport module., etc

I've got no problems with any of these and they were very easy to setup. Only problem I have sometimes is caused by the A1200 motherboard (no timing fixes) or being a little confused about the config-program for the Indy AGA MK2, but I've got a perfect screen now.

So I'm very satisfied with the products and the docs are very good. Next project: Amiga Reloaded!!!
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