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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
If you want to Pirate stuff that's your affair but don't class everyone that buys genuine as stupid.
I would say Cloanto are the pirates, who have taken something that should be freely available and made it a "crime" to copy just for their own profit.

- Nobody downloading a ROM off the internet is making any profit out of the ROM. If anything, they are preventing the scumbags at Cloanto from leeching off people any more. Good lad.
- Nobody in the team that made Kickstart is getting any money from the purchase of such ROMs from Cloanto. So this in no way supports anything but Cloanto. How is paying for those ROMs a contribution to the community? Go buy something else, I dunno, like Viddi's videogame. Heck, send 10 bucks to Stingray, Galahad, Codetapper, Toni Wilen or whoever you want who actually DO contribute to the scene.
- The only genuine ROMs I can think of are the ones firmly inserted in their sockets inside our Amigas. These are just copies.
- Cloanto is aggressive in protecting a brand that they don't even own, fucking up Amiga fan projects.

I still can't believe people defend them. They are clearly toxic to the scene and they only exist because people keep buying their vapid AF package!
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