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I buyed AF too, Version 6, 2006 Premium and 2014 Plus over the years...

I don't use the Frontend from AF, I install it, take what I need (ROM's, Workbench, Games, eg.) and deinstall it.
Then I use it just with the latest WinUAE.

With AF 2014 Plus ($30) you get (the green marked text was my reason for buying):
  • All ROM's
  • All Workbench Disks
  • a preinstalled WB 3.5 enviroment that runs smoothly out of the box (shared folders)
  • Demos
  • Games
For all other stuff u have EAB, Aminet eg.

So, other people have more expensive hobbies (or they smoking ), I guess it's a very good deal and much cheaper and faster than a real AMIGA (without a real nostalgia feeling, but it's ok).

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