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C'mon guys, lets not fall out over Rom usage, for those that brought AF, good on you but I prefer the Amiga Gamebase as my frontend and the latest beta, does that make me a horrible bad person, no, I'm just enjoying what is out there.

I did buy the C64 version long ago but I found it pointless in the end because it was limited, again I preferred the excellent Gamebase out there. My ideal situation would be to have the old hardware back but my bedroom has enough retro machines to annoy the wife.

2 Atari 8bits, with disk drive, an Xbox, a gamecube, a Snes with Wild card, a PS2 and lastly a Dreamcast, with a Xbox360 and PS4 in my daughters room.

So come on, just enjoy the hard work Toni puts in with whatever front end or not you use. As for the roms, we could argue forever and in the end its all pointless.
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