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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I don't have that model ACA, but I believe based on what's been said and the docs online that you add the license using the shell one time.
ACAControl A <license code>
Once you add it, the card remembers it..
Thanks for actually reading the available documentation, although you don't even own the product. That puts you way ahead of some other users. I can confirm that you've fully understood the details.

This is also a relief for me, as my documentation has been criticised by native speakers from the UK and Ireland. My native Language is German, which may be obvious from mistakes that I make. However, if another native speaker confirms that the information is actually there and not too difficult to understand, I can't be totally wrong.

Are there more people who think that two introducing sentences and then the example command line for adding a license is too much to read?

Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I would think that if the licensed feature is the CPU speed, you'd license it the same way, using the ACAControl command line app.
Then once added, you can use the ACAClock program (possibly in your startup-sequence if you want it there) to actually change the clock speed.
That's also correct. And you will always need the ACAclock tool (or the CPU governor) to alter the clock frequency, as the card will always start up at "safe speed" 17.03 MHz.

Kickstart 3.0 users can now download a fixed version of ACAtune that will work with all memory configurations of the card:

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