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Start acting like a MAN and tell us whats going on here!! Just because you get some fair critisism you dont go silent....
You are very active on other threads promoting your upcoming products, so your clearly have the time. Right now you are treating your customers like crap!

For what its worth.. Ive installed a FastlaneZ3 card which i know have z3 issues with the a3640, and it works flawless. I suspected this could also be the issue with RR in z3 mode, but it wasnt. Mine is a 3.1 version.

And last.. Since you (Jens) dont want any complaining on your promotion threads. Where do one create a support ticket? has not been up since... ever?

I dont know German law, but if this was in Norway you would have been violating customers rights. I really dont think its any different in Germany? (Selling a product with false information).
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