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Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
Also, if it has to go in the startup script, how will the card maintain the upgrades when booting from floppy?
it sounds like you might be confusing the "activation" with the use of the features.

I don't have that model ACA, but I believe based on what's been said and the docs online that you add the license using the shell one time.
ACAControl A <license code>
Once you add it, the card remembers it..

That's different from using the newly added feature.
If the feature is RAM, sounds like with 3.1, you don't need to do anything.
But if you have a 3.0 kickstart (which many of us still do), you need to put the ACATune app in your startup sequence.

I would think that if the licensed feature is the CPU speed, you'd license it the same way, using the ACAControl command line app.
Then once added, you can use the ACAClock program (possibly in your startup-sequence if you want it there) to actually change the clock speed.

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