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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Errmm.. that's really in the article. Please read this section:

About the "maintaining licenses" part: Kick3.1 will automatically add all memory. It's only Kick3.0 which requires ACAtune. With Kick 3.1 being out for quite a long time, you shouldn't have a reason to complain. There was plenty of time for an update, and you even have a workaround for the outdated version. Try that on a different system...

I didn't buy new 3.1 chips because I don't need them. You don't mention it anywhere in the article above either so wouldn't that document fall short for someone like me (having 3.0 roms)? It might seem like a small thing while you are here to answer questions, but where were you or AmigaKit when I was posting about issues with my AGA? Quite silent.

The docs need to be complete in this case and a brief tutorial or youtube video wouldn't cost you much to do.

I had an amiga for about five years when I was a kid and unfortunately I played mostly games on it, so I'm excluded skill-wise by your documentation. It's up to you of course who your target buyer is but I'll wait for someone like techguru_uk to put up a youtube video demonstrating operations simply before buying.
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