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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
I get hiccups and sound glitches too when diskdrive is accessed in WinVICE.

SDLVICE on the other hand runs smooth as butter.
One thing I never got to work in WinVICE is smooth scrolling at 50hz even though my monitor and graphicscard support 50hz.
That also works in SDLVICE.
So to put it short; get SDLVICE from the link I posted in my previous post.
You enter the menu with F12, just like in WinUAE.
Great, the SDL version really works fine (smooth) even with my old vice.ini from the "problematic" winvice same version!

Many thanks on helping with this!

Unfortunately the "SDLVICE-" is the last version that my PC can run, but anyway, better anything than nothing.

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