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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
now I have a fully functional and absolutely stable Amiga emulation on my Windows desktop, and I have enjoyed reliving ALL my old demo faves that look better than ever and don't crash! Even some demos that I knew were buggy on WinUAE now work much better! Sure, there are the odd glitches, but I'd say WinUAE is now working at 99.9% at being a real Amiga!
Glad to here you enjoy watching amiga demos ! (me too)

If you find some demo works fine on a real amiga that gliches in winuae, please report even if there is a little glitch! (if a such demo exist anymore )


Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
The point is that I was stuck with only 2012 versions of WinUAE with the AF I had, but WinUAE has improved massively since.
It should not be a reason for the outpouring of discontent, all the more because you've managed to solve the problem -> upgrade to the new winuae version.

But to some extent I can understand the frustration you're experiencing with the older version while watching your faves demos.

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