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Amiga Forever, WHY?

I got this software from Cloanto years ago (well, 2012) because I thought it was the best and most stable way to emulate an Amiga for those who had had nothing but problems with WinUAE settings.

Now, I keep it only for the "Amiga Files/Shared" folder which contains the essential Kickstart ROMs, Workbench disks and .HDF files which contain WB installs.

The rip-off of AF is that it forces you to use its own proprietary file formats, known as RP9s, on the version of WinUAE that is provided, which apparently limits the software to all versions of the emulator released that year.

Lately, what with continuing instabilities and demos crashing right in the middle of playing and so forth, I consulted people to ask how many people use this software, and they said NONE.

So I decided to seek out and download the latest version of WinUAE (one not tied to 2012) and simply drag over the Shared folder into its folder and tailor it to the host settings I wanted, and now I have a fully functional and absolutely stable Amiga emulation on my Windows desktop, and I have enjoyed reliving ALL my old demo faves that look better than ever and don't crash! Even some demos that I knew were buggy on WinUAE now work much better! Sure, there are the odd glitches, but I'd say WinUAE is now working at 99.9% at being a real Amiga!

It's actually down to the Quickstart part of the emulator, which is hard-coded with the most usual Amiga configs across different systems, and which didn't always exist. I haven't had to tinker with the main emulator settings at all.

Oh, sure, AF is fine for those who don't know anything about the Amiga at all, but someone like me who's owned an A500 and A1200 back in the day should know better!
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