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Originally Posted by AnnaWu View Post
XTIDE Universal BIOS HD expansion (bootable floppy- /hard disk test)

A2088T > ROM Address: 0xEC000 > OK
A2286 > ROM Address: 0xDC000 > OK
A2386SX > ROM Address: 0xDC000 > OK
Thanks Anna, through your config I understood where he was the enigma, basically I had configured a Os expanded 1.3 "CPU-060 JIT, 2M RAM CHIP, Z3 Fast Ram 128MB, the same config the successful use with OS2.1 and OS3.9 and everything works great and great speed. Well doing various tests I realized that not to start "xtide Universal BIOS" was the Z3 Fast RAM, I'm no expert but the Hardware System 1.3 for everything else was fine

In your configuration I noticed you the reader Floppy DF0 (Amiga side) and off, this should slow you down much of the system, trying to turn it on (you just have to check).

"About A2386SX > ROM Address: 0xDC000"

On my OS 2.1 e 3.9 (i attach screenshots) XTIDE Universal BIOS on A2386SX it works with all three ROM Address

A2386SX > ROM Address: 0xDC000 > OK
A2386SX > ROM Address: 0xCC000 > OK
A2386SX > ROM Address: 0xEC000 > OK

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