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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I think Dunny is up to something here. There seems to be a huge amount of cross-linked data happening at once in the place. Then again I wouldn't know for sure, but perhaps there would be massive memory and processing speed constrains. At first look it seems it could be a problem. Of course making it look the way it does would be possible (I always thought Terraria looked absolutely dismal) but the underlying work is what should be taken into account and it does look massive. As Dunny said, every single block has information that creates a tree of data that spirals really deep.

This game shouldn't be judged by its overly simplistic looks.
I sincerely hope you meant "onto something" there I'm really not up to anything right now.

It's the same with Minecraft. Yes, it's written in Java and that's not a swift language to code in. But the amount of calculation that goes into each and every frame, despite the rudimentary graphics (which really aren't, they just appear that way) it can drag even a modern PC to its knees very easily.

Why just a couple of months ago someone managed to figure out how to use a 3D floodfill algorithm to remove non-visible blocks - that algorithm is run every single frame, and saves a huge amount of processing.

Just because it looks like a game the Amiga could do doesn't mean that it is.

Terraria light would be fun for a few minutes, but seeing as how I can traverse the entire map (at small size on the PC version) in a few minutes, any map that the Amiga can handle would get very dull very quickly indeed.

That said, I'd be interested to see a version for the miggy. I'd be very interested to see what sacrifices had to be made, and whether or not there was a game left at the end of it.

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