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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post

Beta 3:

- Emulate 68020/030 prefetch pipeline more accurately, branch instructions stop prefetching after last opword of branch instruction has been loaded. It reduces unnecessary memory accesses. This probably also makes 68020/030 cycle exact mode even more faster without adjusting other parts of emulation (which needed to be made faster because some other unknown part was too slow, hopefully it was this prefetch feature..) Not fully implemented yet, addressing modes that use brief or full extension words disable this feature until next branch instruction because length of instruction needs to be known in advance and in these addressing modes it can't be calculated statically.
Nice, seems this fixed the problem with Beut demo when it stops after cube rotation part:

Beut (64k Intro) by Phase Truce ->

Yes, it seems this change also makes 68020/030 cycle exact mode a little faster in beta3 !

p.s. Added pic3 of a real A1200 sysinfo and comparison table as pic4 !

I checked if there are any diff. in winuae3200b2 and b3 between sysinfo 3.24 and sysinfo 4.0 (because pic. of a real A1200 is sysinfo 3.24) and found only this diff.:
sysinfo 3.24 / Chip Speed vs A600 = 3.08 (in sysinfo 4.0 / Chip Speed vs A600 = 3.17) and other values are same!

(thus this is now even worse if compared with sysinfo 3.24 / Chip Speed vs A600 = 3.37 / on a real A1200)

According to this seems the "Chip Speed vs A600" on a real A1200 is some 9.5% higher than on winuae3200b2 or b3 !!!
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