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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
I thought 'Janus' was the hardfile part of Bridgeboard emulation therefore nothing to do with XTIde?

I maybe wrong, I have been before
I think Janus is a name for whole bridgeboard hardware/software combination. I call Amiga-side bridgeboard hardfile "Janus hardfile" to separate it from hardware HD controller hardfiles (IDE) which are totally different things. (For example you can have UAE hardfile that stores Janus hardfile)

Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
With a system Os 1.3 utilities Janus i work on A2088T, now I wanted to test this system to A2386SX and noticed that XTIDE Universal HD Bios Os 1.3 does not run. If I am not mistaken you are using a 1.3 system you work XTIDE Universal HD Bios
You need to set XTIDE base address to DC000, other values won't work in AT bridgeboards. Exact same as setting jumpers/dip switches when using real hardware, trying to find one that works and does not conflict with other devices...

"The Real Time Clock has not been initialized"
Fixed. Timer update broke it.

(You still have "Scale if smaller than display size setting" RTG option enabled. Please disable it, your screenshots look horrible)
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