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Kick3.0 doesn't not require you to use MapROM by default. That's only if you want to re-kick to 3.1.

ACAtune can just be called without arguments, and it'll add the missing memory. However, it has a known bug with Kick3.0: It will always try to add 63MBytes, which results in a crash if you haven't licensed all that memory. We're working on that.

Meanwhile, you can use the "addmem" tool from Aminet, and add the memory with it's direct address. 1MByte has already been found by Kick3.0, so you only need to add the 8MByte chunk:

addmem $08000000 $087fffff

As soon as we have an update for ACAtune, I'll mention it here. Hopefully this weekend.

If you're planning to license MapROM anyway, then re-kicking to Kick3.1 will also work around the bug.

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