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Now it makes sense.

I would normally have to wait around 10 - 20 minutes.
@Amigaboy Thanks for replying again.
When Codetapper was talking about the drive re-validating itself, I didn't actually bother to think about it, because I remeber rebooting like ten times (but I never let the computer run for a few minutes :laugh ) without anything being fixed. I just expected you were talking about some really quick process.
But now where you mentioned that it could easily take more than a few seconds (my partition is 1.5 GB big), I just gave my Amiga some time to work on the issue and guess what... Everything just perfect (after 5...10...15 minutes)

And I already sweared at Commodore for equipping the Amiga with such a shitty filesystem.
But selfvalidating ... Yeah, that's something, I just missed a little verbosity

Goodnight guys... ah and never ever watch the movie "Ghost Dog"
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