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Originally Posted by emux View Post
I do remember Powerplay on the the Amiga as it so unusual to have two versions of the same game available in the late 80's.

I remember not being very impressed with the first version which was just a basic ST port but the second version was an improvement. It's a shame more companies didn't release enhanced Amiga versions back then!
Yeh, unfortunately a lot of game publishers in the early days probably didn't think it was worth paying a dedicated Amiga dev team if they were already investing money in an ST version. The ST was outstripping the Amiga in terms of sales on both the hardware and games software in Europe (and in the U.S. to a lesser extent). Easier just to get the ST coders to crank out a quick ST port for the Amiga conversion, or commission a lone Amiga coder to do a quick conversion on the cheap.

Arcana were a little different, though. They were a small homegrown outfit who developed all their early game releases in-house. Powerplay was one of them, but they bucked the trend and may well have been the first Ami publisher to release an enhanced update of a game.

Arcana obviously valued customer feedback and didn't want to alienate original purchasers of Powerplay when the enhanced version was they offered them a free upgrade if they sent back the original release game disk. With one of my boxed copies, I actually received a letter Arcana sent to one of their customers who took advantage of a free upgrade and scanned it for HOL:

Interestingly, the letter was sent by their then-PR manager Emma March. Why is it interesting? Well, she might've had a big hand in the company going down the gurgler. It seems that she and Nick Tuckett (the main coder of Mars Cops) ran off together 2 weeks before Mars Cops was due for release! Classic!!

Originally Posted by dirk_the_daring View Post
Dr Bong, as far I know, there isn't any Powerplay Spanish edition of the non-Enhaced version. At least this game was reviewed in april 89 by the "almost only" spanish game magazine first on the ST (Micromania nr 12), also in spanish language with the non enhaced version, and a just a month later there we got a second review for the Amiga version, and that review was about the enhaced one (Micromania nr 13).
Keep in mind some games arrive later to spain, and more if they have to be translated. So about the credits you talked, who knows, maybe the started to translate the early version but when they get the second they thought it was no sense to launch both or they refer to the Atari version.
Muchas grazias Dirk! I suspected what happened was exactly what you describe, but I was hoping that there was a Spaniard like yourself on EAB who either bought the game or could tell me about any Spanish magazine reviews. I did do a web search for a Spanish game review or advertisement, but couldn't find any. Thanks once again!

Anyway, for now I will only list a Spanish release for the enhanced version of Powerplay in HOL. If by some miracle someone finds a Spanish version of the original release, then all the better......but, like you, I doubt it exists.

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