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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
I'm on Android but my phone is pretty slow with (very) laggy performance (Samsung Mini S3) so I'm not too thrilled with it.

I too am finding 'Smart' phones to be more of a 21st century general nuisance than anything else. Would be happier with a simple phone for an Alarm clock and texting
Agreed - I'd be happy with a 'dumb' phone with good battery performance. My old Nokia 3310 could pretty much go for a week between charges. My iPhone 6 struggles to go 2 days between charges.

I could care less whether or not I can access facebook on the go, or reading the ramblings of an idiot on twitter whilst away from my desk.

Saying that, I do like the iPhone's satnav ability, but I can still live without that most of the time!
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