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No worries and welcome to EAB! I never got to play Powerplay on the C64 before jumping ship to the Amiga in the late 80s.....but the ST/Amiga versions from 1987 look and play pretty similar for mine. Still quite fun, especially with friends, but they hardly take advantage of the power of the 16-bit machines.

The same probably applies to the enhanced Ami version released in late '88. If only the publisher had injected the character animation, humour and stereo sound of Battle Chess, they could've had a real winner on their hands. As it turned out, they released a couple more 8-bit style games for the Ami before closing their doors, with a bunch of planned releases going down the gurgler with them (Powerplay data disk, Mars Cops, Crater Wars and I, Android). Pity as all the games they released showed potential and Mars Cops was shaping up to be a 16-bit release with a bit of depth.
Thanks for the welcome .

Been lurking for a while but I had to thank you for putting these up in the zone.

I do remember Powerplay on the the Amiga as it so unusual to have two versions of the same game available in the late 80's.

I remember not being very impressed with the first version which was just a basic ST port but the second version was an improvement. It's a shame more companies didn't release enhanced Amiga versions back then!
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