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This is why Doom works on the Mega Drive/32X combination:

"The 32X contains two Hitachi SH2 32-bit RISC processors with a clock speed of 23 MHz, which Sega claimed would allow the system to work 40 times faster than a stand-alone Genesis. Its graphics processing unit is capable of producing 32,768 colors and rendering 50,000 polygons per second, which provides a noticeable improvement over the polygon rendering of the Genesis. The 32X also includes 256 Kilobytes of random-access memory (RAM), along with 256 Kilobytes of Video RAM."

It's not using any of the Mega Drive's graphic modes so why guess? It's running on completely different hardware and simply pumped out through the Mega Drive's AV holes.

If you really want to know how to write efficient 3D for the Mega Drive you need to talk to GASEGA68k, who programmed the homebrew Wolfenstein port and claims he has an unreleased engine which runs even smoother in a larger window size! He's also coded Starfox and Mario Kart routines for the Mega Drive, two game types which the A500 is also sorely lacking in.
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