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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post

DX Web setup has worked up to Windows 8.1, 100% guaranteed. (I have run it many times during Win 7 and 8.x era)

It seems it stopped working in newer Windows 10 builds but I am sure it did work with some pre-release versions. Possibly when DX12 was introduced.


dxwebsetup.exe does work in Windows 10 just fine. I just tested on clean installed Windows 10. It downloaded and installed missing DLLs (about 90M). Exactly like it did on Windows 7 and 8.x.
I just ran it and it did not work at puts up the menu box, asks me if I want the Bing bar (no)...when I click to continue it begins initializing...and then promptly exits without having installed a single file--telling me that I "already have the latest version." dxwebsetup.exe has always done this for me.

...otoh, using dxsetup.exe from the populated (containing all of the DX files--~90mb's) DX directory always installs lots and lots of file whenever I run it.

So this is very strange...

I've uploaded the dxwebsetup.exe file I just downloaded from Microsoft for you to look at...just remove the .zip extension...weird, eh?
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