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luxurious for dummies
user here. Much prefer it to Android or the other one (Windows or something?). I'm not averse to tinkering, but couldn't care less about tinkering with a phone - I just want one that works, which the iPhone does most of the time.

I jailbroke my old iPhone 4 for a bit - mainly to run emulators - but playing 90+ % of Amiga/SNES games with a tiny touch screen just doesn't work unfortunately. So I gave up, and haven't jailbroken one since. As a result I could care less about owning an Android handset, as the ability to run emulators is about the ONLY thing the iPhone can't officially do that I want.

I don't consider myself part of the cult of Mac, and even agree that Apple products are expensive. However I work with all things Windows, and want nothing to do with it when I'm at home if at all possible. I also don't want to be family tech support, so my family use Mac's and iPhones as they rarely have major issues that require 'out of hours support'.
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