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I think the only real objection to Jens' purchasing format is purely reactionary given the plague of in-app purchases and pay-to-win models we've all seen. Personally I would never abide by pay-to-win and as a developer myself would never be involved with any application of that ilk. It just rubs me wrong.

But Jens' model just isn't the same. Personally I don't have a problem with it. OK it may seem a little annoying that the hardware is "there" but you can't have it, but in reality he's keeping his production costs down and giving everyone a fairly cost-effective upgrade to existing machines.

My only real question however is this. The A1200 already has a 14MHz 68020 in its stock form. Other than the memory upgrade this card offers, is an '020 running at 28MHz really that much of a performance increase over stock? And given this card starts out at 9MHz, isn't that a little... off?

It just seems to me that even though this is a nice memory boost, money is better spent on one of Jens' '030 offerings.

Or have I missed something? Of course other than the modular software upgradable options...
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