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Thanks for the welcome y'all. I work with computers/networks and it keeps me on my toes for figuring out things Back in the day I was doing everything on Amiga and once I had Workbench up and running a lot of the small stuff started waking up in my memories....s:startup-sequence, s:user-startup and all that fun stuff.

I really couldn't afford all those toys back then....which is a big part of why I don't have them now. Had I the means....I would probably still have the A4000/Toaster 4000 setup (though a Win PC would be around somewhere since that's how I make my living).

AmigaOS 4.1 has been fairly impressive. I've got shares from my NAS box mounted on my Amiga and even have my Windows Media Center PC sharing one of it's drives. I was able to run an RDP session from my Amiga to my WMC PC as well.

Still, there's something about tweaking 3.1 to do all the things it wasn't originally setup to do I love how fast 3.1 feels with lots of ram and some serious RTG abilities. 1680x1050X32bit makes for a very nice Workbench. If I remember correctly...I pretty much stayed on 800x600x16bit on my A4000/EGS Spectrum card.
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