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Originally Posted by BlankVector View Post
Sorry, I didn't knew that.
I started working on ST in nineties (and never on Amiga).

This is because the ST uses interlaced bitplanes (every 16 pixels, 2 bytes) while Amiga uses unified bitplanes. Monochrome ST-High is the single common denominator, since it only uses 1 bitplane: both formats are identical.

However, if you find a solution for Amiga hardware to deal with ST interlaced bitplanes, you're done. A framebuffer format conversion using the blitter could certainly be possible, but I guess it would be too slow for full framerate.
I have a very optimized routine you could use which on standard 68000 is a bit slow, but on faster processors is very fast.

I used it for my ST to Amiga game conversion of Where Time Stood Still, on 020+, it is EXTREMELY fast.

You are welcome to use it so at least you can offer it as an option for Amiga owners.

And its INTERLEAVED not interlaced
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