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Originally Posted by BlankVector View Post
This one is good

Actually, I made FreeMiNT tests with both Amiga and ColdFire Evaluation Boards. Hardware issues were fatal to the latter, while I remember that I had better luck with Amiga which was more fault tolerant. But I didn't know it was possible to run Mint 1.18 out of the box

I remember that I stopped at that point. No clue about what was happening. I didn't investigate further.

Excellent! How did you solve the white screen problem?
I am not sure what solved the issue, as i had a rather haphazardly slapped together mint setup i grabbed the VanillaMiNT .zip and tried if that worked.

To my suprise the VanillaMiNT booted straight out of the box after changing the videomode in xaaes.cnf.

I'll compare the setups and see if i can find any differences that would explain this.

Vanilla MiNT ->
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