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[QUOTE=Schoenfeld;1039182]Both Commodore and Escom have made all kinds of mistakedon't hen assembling the A1200. They all have in common thatrelated iixes that were required for very early Budgie revisions have been applied, although Budgie was already the new version.

To put it simple, your board will not be stable with any accelerator if one of these four components is assembled: E123C, E125C, E121C and E122C. All of them are located on the bottom side if the A1200. You won't get around opening the computer and checking yourself if these components are assembled. The revision number of your board says nothing. The year of your board also doesn't give any information. The one and only thing you can do is to check your board.


just out of interest I use to have an Escom a1200 with a Blizzard mkIV '030' but don't recall having any noticeable problems? if I have any of these unwanted caps I guess it just removing them with a soldering iron.
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