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Hi, new member from USA

Hi, I've been a member for a month and thought it would be proper to introduce myself.

I'm older (49) and have had a number of Amiga's as they were launched. I have always been interested in computers and started with a Commodore 64. I was looking at the C-128 when I started reading rumors of something called "Lorraine" and what it could do. Eventually 'Amiga' information started to be released, and once it available out a local computer group had Commodore do a presentation with an A1000. I definitely had to attend this and after the show I had to have one. I had to buy it at an Apple computer store of all places. They were the only shop in town that initially pushed the Amiga here. I still have my receipt, the system was $1,295.00 + tax. A week later I went back and purchased the 256 KB expansion and a 2nd floppy drive. I added a video digitizer (use a b&w camera and a color wheel to multi-scan the object to get color images), some audio digitizer and an Insider 1 MB ram expansion board.

Up next the A2000 was released and the NewTek VideoToaster had me drooling. So an Amiga 2000 with Video Toaster, (2) TBC's, a "massive" 65 MB HD and SCSI controller and an ethernet board. This was supposed to be the heart of my video production system that never made it out of "playing around"

Next...the Amiga 3000....and I wanted one of those. I don't remember doing much to my A3000. I loved the size and look of it compared to the A2000. It was my primary "use" machine with the A2000 serving as VideoToaster host.

Finally....the Amiga 4000 hits..with AGA graphics and of course a "new" NewTek VideoToater 4000. In comes the A4000 with VideoToaster 4000 and out goes the A3000. I added an ethernet card to this as well, an Emplant Mac emulator and and EGS Spectrum RTG card...oh and I forgot I had a WarpEngine4040 card as well. I had the A2000 and A4000 networked together so I could share files between the two. I added one of those mega expensive Single Frame Recording VCRs and controllers and played a good bit with LightWave 3d and dumping out short animations. When the Video Flyer was announced I started dreaming of getting one of these and what I could do with it.

Some unforeseen job changes and I needed money. Commodore had filed for bankruptcy and some local places were using VideoToasters for productions and I put out the word I was selling. The equipment went fast and that was it.

I don't know what triggered an Amiga flashback but I started looking at systems on eBay and decided to look at the emulation scene. Downloaded WinUAE, got it up and running and remember how much I loved the Amiga OS. This led me to delve deeper into the emulation and what could be emulated and eventually buying a copy of AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition for Classics.

Long story, if you made it this far I hope it wasn't too boring. I kick myself now for selling all that I had (and very cheaply too...especially considering the prices I see the stuff going for now). Just having a blast with Amiga emulation right now...not much into games, just enjoy seeing what AmigaOS can do these days with the right tweaks, hacks and utility software. Setting up normal configurations and up to monster systems with tons of ram, unrealistic chip ram settings and 512 MB RTG cards. Immensely impressed with WinUAE and its emulation abilities. OS 3.1, OS 3.9 and OS 4.1 systems configured and bouncing around between the three.

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